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Underground Storage Tank Removal

Drawing on years of excavation experience, Envirotech Of Fairfield County Inc has become an expert in the removal of underground oil storage tanks. We offer free estimates after we determine the scope of the task at hand. Contact us today!

In general, the scope of work covers a wide range of services.

  •  Obtaining the necessary permits
  • Notification and coordination with the town official (when necessary)
  • Obtaining a “Call Before You Dig” number, required by the State of Connecticut
  • Extraction and disposal of any oil or sludge remaining in the tank (with the use of our vacuum truck)
  • Removal of the tank from the ground
  • Field analysis of the  soil
  • Placement of clean fill
  • Environmentally sound cleaning, transport, and disposal of the tank
  • State certified laboratory analysis of the soil sample

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Count On Us for Your Tank Removal

Here at Envirotech, we are State of Connecticut-licensed home improvement contractors, certified in the removal of Underground  Storage Tanks (USTs) and Above-Ground Storage Tanks (ASTs).   We can perform soil remediation from an underground storage tank leak.

We  can provide underground tank locating services  with the use of a metal detectors. Envirotech also provides soil testing with the use of a geoprobe in order to determine if the underground tank is leaching petroleum products.

Save When You Have your Tank Checked Regularly

The longer you wait to identify a tank problem, the more it can cost when it comes to clean up (soil remediation). You should make visual checks of your tank area and its fittings on a regular basis or have us perform soil testing  with the use of a geoprobe to determine if your oil tank has leaked.

There is no tank to big or small. A typical residential underground storage tank size is typically between a 550 -2000 gallons.

Look Out for the Signs of a Leaking Storage Tank

Historically, residential and commercial fuel storage tanks have been the cause of a number of environmental issues. Once a tank begins to leak, it can contaminate the soil, groundwater and well water, and cause indoor air pollution.

Although tanks have a life expectancy of 15 years, that figure can be greatly affected by the tank’s location, and you may not be aware of a leak until the tank is excavated. However, there are several signs indicating that your tank has experienced a catastrophic release of its contents.

  • Plant life near the tank begins to die
  • Stains appear around the fill pipe
  • Petroleum odors enter your house or business
  • Rainbow colors appear in standing water or puddles following a rain

Several factors can cause a release to occur.

  • Rust or decay
  • Frost shifting
  • Leaky fittings
  • Accidentally broken feeder lines

Tank Removal

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