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Underground Storage Tank Locating,

Soil Sampling, Oil Tank Removal and Decommissioning Services

Envirotech of Fairfield County Inc. will find your underground tank. Many people don’t even know that they have a tank on their property.

underground tank removal ctLocating services are conducted with the utilization of a Fisher Model TW6 locator. This method is a non-evasive method which detects large metallic objects beneath the earths surface.
Once we find your tank,

Once Envirotech of Fairfield County Inc. finds your tank, they will use their Geo-Probe to test the soil around your tank. By using their Geo-Probe, they will be able to test without disturbing the property or the underground oil tank. With these samples they will have them tested by certified labs to establish if there is an oil leak. Not only if their is an oil leak but to what level this lead is. If their report comes back as under the state level for saturation of oil into the soil, then they are able to remove your underground oil tank, fill in the hole and the customer is set to go.

underground tank removal ct


Underground Tank Removal CT

Underground tank removal is one of our main businesses. We are pros at locating tanks. We will be able to find your underground oil tank.

Underground Storage Tank Decommissioning

Envirotech of Fairfield County Inc. offers free on site estimates to determine the scope of work necessary to remove your oil tank.  Scope of Work generally includes the following:

•Obtaining of necessary permits

•Coordination with notification of Fire Marshall where necessary

•Obtaining a Call before you dig number as required by the State of Connecticut

•Removal of any remaining oil or sludge from the tank with our vacuum truck

•Tank removal

•Field analysis of soil samples after tank removal for underground tanks

•Placement of clean fill

•Environmentally cleaning, transport and disposal of tank

•Lab analysis of soil samples

•Tank closure report filed with state and local officials

“Tank closure reports filed with the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (CTDEEP) and the local Fire Marshal.”


The following scenarios may be an indication that you have a leaking tank.

Most leaks go undetected until the tank has been removed from the ground however, in the event a catastrophic release the following instances may apply.

•Your fuel bill increases. This will be indicated by the increase in fuel consumption even though there hasn’t been a distinctive change in weather.

•Plant life around the tank is dying.

•If you notice staining around the fill pipe.

•The smell of petroleum in the house.

•When it rains you see rainbow colors on standing water or puddles of water.

Causes of leaks or releases:

•Underground tanks leak due to rust and decay or due to the frost shifting.

•Leaking fittings.

•Accidentally broken lines that feed the tank to the heating system.

underground tank removal ct

Residential and commercial underground storage tanks have historically have been the source of many environmental problems as their life expectancy is approximately 15 years.  Life expectancy depends greatly on the tanks location. A leaking underground storage tank may potentially contaminate groundwater and impact well water. Often a leaking underground storage tank goes undetected until the tank is removed from the ground.

Fuel Storage Tanks

Envirotech of Fairfield County Inc. removes and replaces Underground Fuel Storage Tanks (UST) and Above Ground Storage Tanks (AST) as well as the remediation as necessary. They understand that to remove a fuel tank is more than just an isolated issue. They are professionally trained and certified to check your tank for heating oil leaks, improper workmanship and defective materials. They can use a tool known as a geoprobe to test the soil around the tank to test for leaching of petroleum products into the soil. EnviroTech uses metal detectors to determine the presence of an underground tank.

Leaking underground storage tanks can cause indoor air pollution and can potentially contaminate drinking water and soils. Often a leaking UST (Underground Fuel Storage Tanks) will not be detected unless the tank is removed from the ground.

Periodic checks of your tank can help to save you money. The longer that a leaky tank seeps petroleum into the soil and is dispersed to the surrounding area, the more the clean up costs will be. Save yourself grief by performing visual checks of your oil tank and all it’s connections on a regular basis.Oil tank testing for home heating oil tanks can detect fuel oil leaks and save you a great deal of money. You can use our geo-probe services to help you locate your tanks. Another problem might be an abandoned tank on your property. Many people have had a home oil tank or a leaking oil tank on their property and never knew about it.

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